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How to use a refractometer

JUNE 2021

How to use a refractometer, a step by step guide

Measuring your coolant concentration regularly can help you take control of your production to protect performance, profitability, and your operators working conditions. The concentration of a coolant is usually determined in the field with a handheld refractometer. […]

NeuClean Lemon Floor Cleaner. Neutral floor cleaner for daily floor cleaning

JULY 2021

Five reasons you should use a neutral PH floor cleaner

If you’re looking for a daily floor cleaner that’s safe and effective, neutral PH cleaners are the way to go. Neutral floor cleaners like Ashburn NeuClean Lemon are safe to use for regular, day to day cleaning on hardwood, tile, vinyl, linoleum, and laminate floors. So when it comes to floor cleaning, why do most prefer to use neutral floor cleaners? Here are five great reasons. […]

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