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Tapping and Drilling Fluids are designed primarily for manually applied applications on metals that are difficult to machine. The Ashburn line of Mike-O-Cut fluids and TD Foamy Aerosol comprise a full line of fluids for all tapping and drilling operations.

Mike-O-Cut No. 87

Mike-O-Cut 87 extreme-duty, high-performance tapping and drilling fluid formulated to improve threading accuracy, increase productivity and extend tool life.

Part Numbers: D-1330-04, D-1332-16, D-1333-14, D-1334-05, D-1335-55.

Mike-O-Cut LV

MIKE-O-CUT LV is a light viscosity heavy duty drilling and tapping fluid.

Part Numbers: D-1352-16, D-1353-14, D-1354-05, D-1355-55.

Mike-O-Cut H2O

Mike-O-Cut H2O is a water soluble tapping and drilling fluid. It provides excellent cooling and lubrication and is a suitable replacement for solvent or oil based tapping fluids.

Part Numbers: D-1552-16, D-1553-14, D-1554-05, D-1555-55.

Pump Spray Lubricant

An environmentally safe, biodegradable cutting lubricant that provides excellent cooling and lubrication in metal cutting operations. It is excellent for use in operations on tough metals such as tool steels and stainless steel as well as on softer metals.

Part Numbers: D-1340-08, D-1340-14.

TD Foamy Aerosol

TD FOAMY is an aerosol heavy duty drilling and tapping fluid that foams on contact with the cutting tool.

Part Numbers: D-1502-20


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