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Ashburn manufactures specialty coolants designed for optimum performance in specific applications.

Ashburn Mist

Ashburn Mist is a heavy duty water soluble machining and grinding mist coolant. This product can be used on ferrous and nonferrous metals. It is formulated to protect the machine tool from rust and corrosion and the fluid residue will protect ways and slides. Ashburn Mist is non-irritating to the machinist. It extends tool life, and improves finish on parts. Ashburn Mist is chemically designed to work well in all mist applicators.

Part Numbers: A-6090-14, A-6091-05, A-6092-55, A-6092-275.

Ashburn 4100 Carbide Grinding Fluid

Ashburn 4100 Carbide Grinding Fluid contains raw materials that are less likely to leach cobalt than other synthetic coolants and is fortified with additional advanced additives that resist cobalt leaching. It also has excellent foam control, sump life and rust protection.

Part Numbers: A-4845-14, A-4845-05, A-4845-55.

APEX Torch Coolant

APEX Torch Coolant is a propylene glycol and de-ionized water mixture designed for use in the cooling system of plasma arc cutters. This product provides excellent conductive cooling to remove heat from the cutting torch. It provides corrosion protection, and also protects from freezing in cold environments.

Part Numbers: A-6910-14, A-6910-05, A-6910-55.


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