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Ashburn manufactures solutions to protect metals from rust and corrosion. These solutions include water-based, solvent-based, and oil-based formulas for short-term or long-term protection. Products include corrosion inhibitors for in-process protection as well as for protection of parts in storage and shipping.

One Shot Penetrating Oil Aerosol

A lubricating product formulated to quickly penetrate rust, corrosion and moisture. Four-way action penetrates, lubricates, displaces moisture and prevents rust.

Penetrating Lube Aerosol

Penetrating Lube is a lubricating product formulated to quickly penetrate rust, corrosion and moisture. Lubricates, cleans and contains rust preventatives. Non-flammable and nonconductive to 30,000 volts.

Penetrating Lube

A multipurpose lubricant and penetrating oil. Provides lubrication, corrosion prevention, and loosens rust. Suitable as short term storage protector for metal parts and equipment. Has a high flash point- safe to use.

Metal Parts Protector Aerosol

Metal Parts Protector contains a flexible, weldable, metal parts protector. When applied, it will prevent rust and corrosion on all metal parts. Apply to machined parts, dies, pipe threads, casting, tools, jigs, and stamped metal parts.

Metal Protective Coating

A fast drying solvent based coating and rust preventative that dries to a tacky finish. May be easily removed with solvents.

RPL 2 Aerosol

An evaporative, water displacing, and non-staining rust preventative and lubricant that leaves behind a relatively dry film. Use as a protective coating on all ferrous and nonferrous metals. Can be used as a parts dip or brushed on.

RPL #5

A water displacing, non-staining rust preventive and lubricant that provides an oily protective film for 18 to 24 months indoor storage protection, moderate salt spray protection and short term outdoor protection.

RPL #6

A highly effective evaporative, water-displacing, and non-staining rust preventative that leaves behind a relatively dry film. This product was designed for long-term indoor rust protection. It will provide intermediate-term salt spray rust protection.

Ashburn 2700 RI Rust Inhibitor

A multi-purpose, water-soluble oil designed to impart good rust protection on metal parts and surfaces.

Ashburn 2900 RI

A multi-purpose, synthetic, water-soluble rust and corrosion preventative designed for in-process protection of ferrous materials.

Ashburn 3000 RI

A heavy duty, multi-purpose, synthetic, water soluble rust and corrosion preventative designed to prevent rust on the machine tool and the work piece.

Clear Coat 33

A water-soluble rust and corrosion preventative designed for protection of ferrous and nonferrous materials.

ZAP Rust Remover

A safe and powerful rust and oxidation remover. Quickly removes rust and corrosion from steel, cast iron and other ferrous metals.


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