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Ashburn Chemical Technologies is open for business and continues to provide our FLUID360 Solutions to Protect Your Production. Based on the DHS standards, Ashburn is considered an essential and critical business because we support the continued safe operations and critical supply chains of various essential industries. Please click here for more information.

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In our effort to Go Beyond, Ashburn is making hand sanitizer dispensing equipment readily available for our customers. We have a variety of equipment for dispensing hand sanitizer Including:

  • Pail Pumps
  • Hand Pumps
  • Trigger Sprayers

Pumps & Sprayers
Ashburn Part# Description
M-50525 Pail Pump
M-50521 Hand Pump (1 oz.)
M-50523 Hand Pump (0.125 - 0.25 oz.)
M-51500 Trigger Sprayer (For 1 quart bottles)



Pail Pump

This PAIL PUMP is a reliable hand pump, ideal for dispensing liquid. Smoothly pumps and transfers solvents, thinners,light oils and lubricants. This heavy duty steel construction guarantees outstanding performance with a long life. Packaging includes a sturdy metal strap which helps to secure the pump to your pail, preventing spills and allows for smooth one-handed operation.

Part Number: M-50525

Hand Pump

This HAND PUMP for gallon jugs is a great way to provide portion-controlled dispensing without the unwanted mess. Attach to your gallon bottle to pump one ounce of product per compression into your chosen container, or can be used to directly dispense liquids.

Part Numbers:
M-50521 (1 oz.)
M-50523 (0.125-.25 oz)

Trigger Sprayer

This TRIGGER SPRAYER comes with a 9.25 inch dip tube that is designed to fit common quart-sized bottles. The white plastic sprayer nozzle can be adjusted to create a fine mist spray or stream for dispensing liquids.

Part number: M-51500


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