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Coolants cause skin irritation. Regularly working around coolants will cause your skin to be itchy and irritated.


While many operators experience skin irritation when working with coolant, it is easily avoidable with the right coolant and coolant maintenance practices. Below are some of Ashburn's best tips for eliminating skin problems.


What causes skin irritation when working with coolants?


  • Coolant concentration - Coolant concentrations that are too high can often lead to dermatitis. If an operator is experiencing skin irritation, coolant concentration is the first thing we check. If your cutting application requires higher concentrations , consider switching to a higher performance cutting fluid.
  • PH - Coolant PH is a great indicator of overall system condition. Regularly checking PH using PH tape, strips, or pens can help you prevent problems before they occur, including skin irritation. Letting a coolants PH get too low can cause rust, corrosion, bad odors, and possible skin reactions.
  • Tramp oil - Regularly skimming tramp oil is an essential maintenance practice to avoid skin irritation and ensure your cutting fluid's performance is protected.
  • Contamination- Coolants can become easily contaminated during operation. Chips, fines, and lubricants commonly contaminate sumps. The contaminants hurt coolant performance, lower tool life, and cause skin irritation.


Consider a metalworking fluid that will protect your operator, production, and product quality. Ashburn metalworking fluid specialists can audit your metalworking application and recommend the optimal fluid for your application.


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