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Ashburn Chemical Technologies is open for business and continues to provide our FLUID360 Solutions to Protect Your Production. Based on the DHS standards, Ashburn is considered an essential and critical business because we support the continued safe operations and critical supply chains of various essential industries. Please click here for more information.

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Biodegradable coolants can be dumped down the drain after use.


Once coolant is used in process it is contaminated with other process contaminants like oil, greases, dissolved metals, solvents, and other potentially undesirable components.  These components may not be friendly to the downstream wastewater treatment or, if released to the environment, may be harmful to other living organisms.

Did you know Ashburn has a fluid maintenance program that includes coolant disposal? Ashburn has maintenance service that include coolant maintenace and disposal programs, machine cleaning, and coolant usage monitoring and optimization. Visit our services page to learn more, or click here to contact us to ask about our coolant maintenance and disposal programs. 

Still have questions about coolant selection, maintenance, or disposal? Click here to contact your Ashburn metalworking specialist.


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