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Specially formulated water-soluble cleaners specifically designed for machine tool sump cleaning. These cleaners will clean the machine tool sump and coolant lines to prepare for a fresh charge of new coolant. This will increase the sump life, and reduce the frequency of sump cleanouts.  

Machine Cleaner Plus

Ashburn Machine Cleaner Plus is a premium water-soluble machine tool sump cleaner and degreaser. This product will cut oil and sludge and remove bacteria and fungus found in the machine sump and coolant lines. It will make the tough job of cleaning a machine tool easier and also prepare a machine to allow the coolant to perform with maximum effectiveness. Machine Cleaner Plus contains corrision inhibitors to provide in process rust protection.

Part Numbers: H-7400-14, H-7400-05, H-7400-55.

Machine Cleaner Degreaser

Ashburn Machine Cleaner Degreaser is a specially formulated water-soluble cleaner specifically designed for machine tool sump cleaning.
Part Numbers: H-7403-14, H-7404-05, H-7405-55.

Ashburn Final Rinse

Ashburn Final Rinse is a specially formulated water soluble machine tool sump cleaner. This product provides a quick and easy method for cleaning machine sumps.

Part Numbers: H-7410-14, H-7410-05, H-7410-55.

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