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A major cosmetics manufacturer was seeking cost reduction and process improvement for a tank cleaning procedure at their main production facility. Their cosmetic blending tanks require cleaning between batches of different types of product. Ashburn Chemical Technologies was brought in to evaluate this process.

EcoKleanThe existing process first required a mineral oil be used to soften caked-on cosmetic material from the tank walls and blending equipment. This was then followed by a water-based degreaser to remove the remaining cosmetic material and mineral oil. Cleaning time for each tank was four hours. 

Ashburn ran laboratory tests for cleaning the cosmetics and determined that Ashburn Eco Klean at a 20% dilution would effectively remove all residue without the need for mineral oil. The customer tested Ashburn’s recommended process and confirmed that they were able to clean the cosmetic tanks and equipment in half the time and reduced the amount of mineral oil required by 88%.


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