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Ashburn Chemical Technologies is open for business and continues to provide our FLUID360 Solutions to Protect Your Production. Based on the DHS standards, Ashburn is considered an essential and critical business because we support the continued safe operations and critical supply chains of various essential industries. Please click here for more information.

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EnviroGreen_ExtremeEnviroGreen Extreme SG has been approved by the NSF International Nonfood Compounds Registration Program for use in food processing facilities. The product is acceptable for use as a cleaner and degreaser for use in non-food processing areas (K1), to remove oil, wax, resinous materials or other substances not removable by acidic or alkaline cleaners. 

NSF_logoEnviroGreen Extreme SG is a multi-purpose, heavy-duty, natural bio-based solvent degreaser. It is biodegradable, non-toxic and VOC exempt. It removes heavy grease, wax, oils, and dirt quickly and safely. Use EnviroGreen Extreme SG to degrease and clean machinery, automotive parts, oilfield equipment, machined parts, and other difficult-to-clean surfaces.

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