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EnviroGreen MaxAshburn Chemical Technologies was brought into a major automotive engine rebuilder’s facility to evaluate and improve their engine head cleaning process. Ashburn’s recommendation to use EnviroGreen Max proved to be
highly successful in improving their process, resulting in more than $200,000 in annual savings.

The pre-existing product required high temperatures to remove grease and oil from the engine heads. The product also required deionized (DI) water to keep the solution stable. This was very costly due to electricity needed for heating and the expense of running a DI water system.

       diesel engine head before        diesel engine head after

       Diesel engine head before             Diesel engine head after

Ashburn’s EnviroGreen Max was brought in for evaluation and proved to be very effective in removing oil and grease from the engine heads, as well as difficult to remove carbon deposits.

Because EnviroGreen Max is formulated to perform at ambient temperature, no heating was required. Additionally, the EnviroGreen Max formula contains specialized additives allowing stability, even when using hard water, by keeping the dissolved solids out of the solution. Therefore, DI water was not necessary with the EnviroGreen Max solution.

After testing the product it was determined that EnviroGreen Max sped up the cleaning and degreasing process and resulted in a 25% increase in throughput of engine heads. This productivity increase was due to the EnviroGreen Max’s specialized formulation that was designed to rapidly penetrate heavy, baked-on carbon and gummy deposits.

After completing the evaluation, the engine rebuilder switched their engine head degreasing tanks to EnviroGreen Max. This decision was made due to the increased throughput, the removal of the need for heat, and the ability to use standard tap water for the product mix. The annual savings is more than $200,000.

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