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Ashburn Chemical Technologies recently introduced its new Zap Rust Remover as the safe alternative to products containing harsh acids and caustics. Zap is a biodegradable, water soluble product that quickly removes rust and corrosion.

Houston, TX – Ashburn Chemical Technologies recently launched Zap Rust Remover. Zap is the latest addition to the Ashburn Chemical Technologies line of maintenance chemicals.  Zap is a safe and powerful rust and oxidation remover that quickly removes rust and corrosion from steel, cast iron and other ferrous metals. It will not harm nonferrous metals such as aluminum, copper or brass and is also safe on rubber and plastic.

Zap Rust Remover is a safe formula with no harmful acids and no caustics. It is biodegradable, non-flammable and water soluble. Areas of use include the automotive, construction and industrial industries, as well as machine shops.  Simply immerse an item to be treated into a solution of Zap. Rust removal begins in as little as ten minutes. Used as directed, corrosion dissolves and there is no scrubbing necessary. Zap solution can be used multiple times.

About Ashburn

Ashburn Chemical Technologies manufactures chemicals for cutting, cleaning and protecting metals. Products include coolants, tapping fluids, cutting oils, lubricating oils, layout inks and remover, cleaners and degreasers, rust removers and rust preventatives.

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