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Industrial Degreasers & Cleaners

Ashburn manufactures a full line of industrial degreaser and cleaner solutions for use in maintenance applications such as machine sump cleaning & floor cleaning, and in production applications such as parts washing and in-process cleaning with corrosion inhibitors.

Our industrial degreasers and cleaners protect sensitive equipment by targeting on the soils and contaminants you wish to remove, leaving surfaces undamaged. Ashburn’s industrial degreasers and cleaners are able to effectively remove: oil, grease, resins, ink, gums, and numerous other soils from almost any washable surface.

Ashburn offers a wide variety of options for your industrial degreaser needs, scaling a variety of needs (heavy duty, all-purpose, etc.). Our degreaser products can be broken into two sections:

  • Water-based cleaners & degreasers
  • Solvent-based cleaners & degreasers

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