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In a world of production and material complexity and shifting customer expectation, FLUID360 is the only solution that protects production capability and output by delivering greater efficiency and effectiveness.

FLUID360 Solutions is the industry’s most comprehensive fluid products and services, delivering 360° of metalworking protection, safety, and speed to production, tooling, people, metals, and work environments.

FLUID360 is more than simply products and services – it is the combination of experience, advanced chemistry, long-standing customer partnership, broad product lines to cut, clean, and protect metals and an array of services that, when combined, provide a full 360° of production protection.



CUT360 – Metal Cutting Fluids 

CLEAN360 – Cleaners and Degreasers 

PROTECT360 – Rust Preventatives and Lubricants

EQUIPCARE – On-Site Equipment and Facility Cleaning Services 

FLUIDCARE – On-site Fluid Management Services

FLUIDVISION – Fluid Performance Reporting and Optimization 

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