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The Coolant Coalescer is a portable, sump-side unit that provides continuous cleaning and circulation of coolant. It removes tramp oil and provides aeration which helps prevent bacterial growth and prolongs the life of the coolant.

  • One step coolant maintenance. 
  • Keeps coolant cleanCOALESCER_6646
  • Keeps machine cleaner
  • Removes tramp oil 24/7
  • Extends coolant sump life
  • Reduces downtime
  • No more messy tramp oil drip pans
  • Keeps coolant aerated
  • No stagnant sump odors
  • Reduces bacterial growth
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Plug it in, and watch it work
  • Saves Money

How It Works

  1. Dirty coolant is brought in through the skimmer head where it travels to the bottom of a coalescing cartridge.
  2. The coolant travels through the coalescing media causing small emulsified oil droplets to meet and join together (coalesce). As the oil droplets increase in size, they release from the media and float to the top of the barrel.
  3. Clean coolant is continually returned to the sump from the bottom of the barrel through a discharge pipe.
  4. The tramp oil collects at the top of the barrel where it can be drained to an oil waste pail.


  • C-3000-15 Floating Intake Unit
  • C-3002-15 Fixed Intake Unit

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