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Construction and Heavy Equipment

Manufacturing equipment for the construction and heavy equipment industry requires large scale and heavy duty machinery and materials. Ashburn provides metalworking fluids that provide excellent lubricity in a wide range of heavy-duty applications.  Our heavy-duty fluids provide the necessary lubricity, corrosion inhibitors, and performance needed for the manufacturing of components for bulldozers, tower cranes, loaders, and other large scale heavy equipment.

As equipment manufacturing grows more automated and complex, ensuring higher efficiency and reducing downtime is critical to keeping operations flowing smoothly and keeping costs low. Using the optimal metalworking fluids and good maintenance practices reduces the likelihood of unnecessary machine downtime for maintenance.  Our metalworking fluids are chemically designed to resist bacteria and fungus and have superior tramp oil rejection to provide a longer, worry free coolant sump life. Our fluids provide excellent lubricity and leave a residue on machine tool parts to greatly extend tool life and provide corrosion protection.

Aside from manufacturing, we also provide safe and highly efficient cleaners and degreasers for the construction and heavy equipment industry. We provide versatile, heavy duty, all purpose cleaners for pressure washing, parts washing, or adhesive removal. We also provide optimal specialized solutions for specific operations such as remanufacturing, high pressure and temperature parts washers, machine cleaning, as well as custom solutions.



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