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Aerospace and Defence

Aerospace and defense equipment manufacturing requires the detailed machining of heavy duty ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as titanium, aircraft grade aluminum, and exotic alloys. Ashburn provides optimal fluid solutions for high-precision, heavy duty machining processes for aerospace applications. Our metalworking fluids ensure high performance, process optimization, and cost savings. Our metalworking fluid solutions lower operational costs by extending the sump life, improving tool life, and increasing overall productivity.

In addition to our metalworking fluids used to manufacture aerospace equipment, we provide maintenance solutions used for aviation parts cleaning and maintenance. We provide a wide range of water based and solvent based cleaners and degreasers depending on your operation's specific needs.

Aerospace equipment is regularly exposed to elements that can catalyze corrosion which can lead to expensive repairs, equipment failure, and unsafe operating conditions.  Ashburn's products provide reliable protection for parts that are in regular use or storage and shipping.  These solutions include water-based, solvent-based, and oil-based formulas for short-term or long-term protection.   



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