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July 2014: Ashburn Chemical Technologies recently launched Zap Rust Remover. Zap is the latest addition to the Ashburn Chemical Technologies line of maintenance chemicals.  Zap is a safe and powerful rust and oxidation remover that quickly removes rust and corrosion from steel, cast iron and other ferrous metals. It will not harm nonferrous metals such as aluminum, copper or brass and is also safe on rubber and plastic.

June 2012: Ashburn Chemical Technologies unveiled a re-designed company website. The site welcomes its visitors with easy navigation, a clean design and links to Ashburn’s social media pages. The site will be continually updated with current documents and content.

June 2012: Ashburn Chemical Technologies launched official company pages on social media outlets. Stay connected with Ashburn on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. The icons for these sites are located on the Ashburn website.